Hours of training |GRI LA10|

Employee category Hours of training Number of participants Average hours
per employee
Executive 3,638 141 25.8
Management 47,375 2,116 43.2
Technical 100,846 8,896 11.3
Administrative 228,387 9,427 24.2
Operational 1,183,167 304,642 3.9
Total 1,563,414 325,221 4.8

Internal recruitment

Valuing and retaining talents at Camargo Corrêa Group is one of the main pillars of the Global Internal Recruitment Policy. By transparently disclosing opportunities in several of its businesses, the Group practices and stimulates employee mobility and helps their careers to develop and evolve.

Health and safety

At the Group’s companies, several occupational safety programs were adopted, such as internal consultant and leadership training and the assessment of major hindrances to safe behavior. Some examples of measures in 2011:

• With increased operations of own works, CCDI structured an accountable department, and HM Engenharia received the OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety.

• Pilot project by Construtora Camargo Corrêa at the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant allowed for the inspection of work fronts by high resolution cameras. Images were thereafter software-managed. The chief safety technician interacts with technicians of the work fronts, improving the observation of the works.

The Group also works to unify the practices and tools to homologate suppliers. At InterCement, a workshop discussed safety at collective transportation in order to engage transporting companies in the discussion.