Projeto Casas de Brincar - Programa Infância Ideal, Ipojuca (PE)

Ideal Voluntário

Another program conducted by ICC, permeating the three structuring programs, is Ideal Voluntário, intended to encourage professionals of the Group’s companies to engage in citizen actions. At each location where a program is developed, Ideal Volunteer Action Groups (Gaivs) are formed by five to ten volunteer professionals interested in working directly on the implementation of social actions. These groups develop and articulate their activities, especially aligned to projects and actions in progress in the community and inserted in the structuring programs developed by ICC – Infância Ideal, Escola Ideal, and Futuro Ideal.

As of 2011, 63 Gaivs operated in 30 cities, surveying demands, proposing actions, and following their results. To recognize the efforts of volunteers, Idealista Award was launched. This is a recognition of teams that for six consecutive months accrue 350 hours in voluntary actions.

A highlight in Ideal Voluntário was the third edition of the Dia do Bem-Fazer (Volunteer Day), on August 21, which mobilized 11 thousand volunteers and 630 partner organizations. 135 voluntary actions were held simultaneously in Brazil and other eight countries – Argentina, Spain, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, United States, Angola, and Venezuela – to help in the development of communities where companies have operations. Actions include but are not limited to donation of materials, renovations of schools and day care centers, cleaning of social institutions, and activities with the elderly.

Projeto Casas de Brincar - Programa Infância Ideal, Ipojuca (PE)