In real estate development, CCDI started the construction of two innovative buildings that are emblematic of the AAA-class business towers in São Paulo. One comprises a business tower and a shopping mall at Paulista Avenue and another is a bold project bearing distinctive architecture and unique sustainability traits in the land where the Group’s head office is.

In 2011, the Shipbuilding Division was established to gather the industry’s main assets: Estaleiro Atlântico Sul (EAS) is already installed and operating with the highest production capacity in the Southern Hemisphere, while Quip specializes in offshore oil rigs. These are important milestones for the reestablishment of the Brazilian shipbuilding industry and are strategically positioned to meet the strong demand from the pre-salt layer exploration.

In order to value, attract and retain talents, a major initiative in the year was the partnership with Insead Business School – a global reference in education and development of executives. And Camargo Corrêa Institute started its 12th year of operation expanding the benefits of social responsibility projects to practically all communities where we have operations.

Closing another year, we are certain that the constant support of shareholders, as well as the unrestricted confidence of our customers, the strong partnership with suppliers, and the determination of our people managed by each company’s senior leadership, are the elements of a powerful distinctive standard in operations. Supported by a history of achievements and innovation, the Camargo Corrêa Group believes in entrepreneurship and innovation to continue growing side by side with Brazil.


Vitor Hallack
Chairman of the Board of Directors at
Camargo Corrêa S.A.