airport operations (A-port). The Group also made a record-breaking investment in its main business lines, which since 2005 amounted to approximately R$ 20 billion. These strategic movements reinstated the balance between segments that powered the vigorous growth of business in the past years. Cement, Highway and Energy Concessions and Engineering and Construction accounted for 70.4% of the net revenue in 2011.

Sustainability actions became the compass of our goals to increase productivity and create value for customers, shareholders, professionals and communities. We are the first business group of the infrastructure industry to prepare guidelines of sustainable business for the Amazon Region, embracing a commitment that goes beyond legal matters and focuses on the legacy we want to leave: an effective collaboration to the development of communities where we have operations.

In 2011, InterCement, a holding company of Camargo Corrêa Group’s cement business, advanced toward international expansion by launching its new corporate brand and making important investments in expanding the production in Brazil – where it recorded an increased market share – and also in Argentina, Paraguay, and Angola. In addition, a subsequent event should be mentioned: in March 2012 the Group announced the public offering to acquire the entire stock of Cimpor, reinforcing the commitment to international growth in emerging markets.

In Concessions, the incorporation of CPFL Renováveis (Renewable Energy), which is born a leader in the generation of wind energy in Latin America, added almost 2 thousand megawatts to the volume available to customers, and CCR grows beyond the roads, diversifying its business fronts in urban mobility: road rings, mass transport systems (metro) and airports.

Construtora Camargo Corrêa, the company from which the Group is originated, completed a transition cycle to the new leadership of executives and the strategic positioning in highly complex and large-sized engineering projects. The restructuring reinforced Camargo Corrêa’s culture and quality standards, which remain valuing efficient processes and customer focus. Another highlight in the year was the delivery of Rio Negro Bridge, one of the most important infrastructure projects in Northern Brazil, which is already benefiting the development of Manaus city and its surroundings. Progress was also made to overcome the difficulties in the construction of the Jirau Hydroelectric Plant.

Alpargatas is an example of success in managing apparel and footwear brands that are highly regarded by Brazilian and foreign consumers. The unit updated its institutional brand and announced investments of R$ 180 million in a new plant in Minas Gerais. The company owns Havaianas, the Brazilian brand most valued in the world, and continues to search for expansion opportunities, respecting the specificities of each market, by means of mergers and acquisitions.