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A reference in heavy construction for its participation in major infrastructure projects developed in Brazil, Construtora Camargo Corrêa faced in 2011 a complex scenario for its operations. The year was marked by increased costs of raw material, scarce skilled label force, and delayed approval of major infrastructure projects. These factors impacted the company’s performance.

The challenging scenario, however, did not stop the company’s progress in the pursuit of an organizational structure that was a more efficient organizational structure that suits to the need of customers and projects. In this process, five vice-presidency positions were created, three of which are totally focused on the market – Sales, Institutional Relations, and New Business – to strengthen the pursuit and best use of opportunities. In addition to these instances, in line with the purpose of strengthening the market presence, the company created the Operations Vice-Presidency, aimed to intensify the search for productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction – goals that are supported by the Vice-Presidency of Management and Finance, which was also created with the reorganization.

The new structure consolidates Camargo Corrêa´s strategic decision to favor large and highly complex projects in terms of logistics, constructiveness and engineering, which demand high levels of specialization. In this sense, the company is backed up by its

Antonio da Silva, Construtora Camargo Corrêa, Abreu e Lima Refinery,
Ipojuca (PE)