PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Page/Remark Reporting Level
HR1 Percentage and total number of significant investment agreements and contracts that include clauses incorporating human rights concerns, or that have undergone human rights screening 100% of contracts entered by the holding company’s Shared Services Center (CSC) have clauses on environmental and social concerns. In 2011, 147 suppliers were approved after a sustainability certification process, and 76 were approved with restrictions. From this total, 129 were actually contracted by CSC.
In Engineering and Construction, 66 contracts of capital investment were entered into, amounting to about R$ 146.5 million, representing 13% of the expenditure with materials by the construction company. 100% of contracts contained clauses on human rights; however, none of them was actually assessed for human rights.
HR2 Percentage of significant suppliers, contractors and other business partners that have undergone human rights screening, and actions taken In 2011, 156 contracts were entered into with CSC suppliers, of which 33 (or 21.2%) were rated as significant, which can be expressed by corporate contract suppliers that were submitted to this process. An action plan was demanded for 43% of suppliers. Full
HR9 Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous people and actions taken Not registered. Full
SO1 Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs 61-71 Full
SO2 Percentage and total number of business units analyzed for risks related to corruption In Engineering and Construction, the risk identified is in operations of wood extraction and sale in Northern and Northeastern Brazil. To minimize and eradicate this risk, the company has the Sustainable Wood Program in partnership with The Forest Trust (TFT) NGO, which provides consulting services to small businesses to achieve compliance with labor and environmental laws along the whole supply chain. An action was done to discuss the types of wood that could be used in the construction company’s projects to diversify the woods used, thus avoiding the extinction of native species. Partial